The Cambridge campus of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) is part of an educational structure that has other ARU campuses located in Peterborough and Chelmsford. In addition, three other campuses are shared with the College of West Anglia (CWA). A number of name changes have marked the school’s legacy, with the current name being created in 2005.

The name itself is a nod to the connection with CWA and John Ruskin, who offered the inaugural address at the Cambridge School of Art (CSA) in 1858. The CSA continued to evolve over the many decades since that address was presented, with the 1989 merger of what was then the Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Essex Institute of Higher Education helping to create the Anglia Higher Education College. Just two years later, yet another name change created Anglia Polytechnic.

Within the past decade, the Cambridge campus has been drastically redeveloped, with a health care building opened on Young Street in 2014. In that vicinity is a center focused on music therapy, while 2018 will see the opening of a center devoted to science.

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    I spent two years at Anglia for my master. Great environment, amazing people.

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    Excellent University for both local and international students.Has good campus with excellent support from module leaders.

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    I use a Sconul card to get into the uni library.

    A good library however bring a wifi Dongle with you as they do not hand out passwords to their guest wifi if asked.

    One Security guard is extremely unfriendly.

    Always space.

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    Never once have I regretted choosing ARU for my Biomedical Science degree. I had very few lecturers which were not fantastic, and I always felt welcome with any issues I had.

    Facilities were cleaned regularly, halls were swept and computer systems were upgraded. Rooms were frequently upgraded and there was a seemingly endless list of student requested Improvements. They even (eventually) added A/C to that horrific room in the Coslette building.

    Facilities were great, and currently they are expanding and improving those for future students. With the links to University of Cambridge, you can connect to Eduroam (Uni wifi) in almost all places in Cambridge. I am interested to see how the University will spread itself out in the next few years!

    This will forever be the best £10,000 I have ever indebted myself for. I would gladly pay for it all over again with current fees.

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    I studied in Chelmsford: Amazing facilities, staff is very helpful and the method of teaching is fantastic. They were really supportive throughout my career. Would recommend to anyone!

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    As the sign at the train station will tell you, Cambridge is well known for being the ‘home of Anglia Ruskin University’. And so far as I can tell, it seems pretty good. Not the main attraction, but a decent second place.

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    Studied for my MSc here. Outstanding university

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    Anglia rocks! Chelmsford campus is awesome and the mix of cultures found at the school is unbelievable! Completed my MA in Marketing and Innovation and I am contemplating my PhD of course with Anglia!

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    Anglia Ruskin University is alright in my opinion

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    Thought I was applying to University of Cambridge….

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    Great place to meet students from all over the world.

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    I’m Mizanur Rahman, a student of ARU, completed BA HONS in Business (Finance)

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    Anglia Ruskin University is a public university in East Anglia, United Kingdom. It has 39,400 students worldwide and has campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough

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    I have been a part of the Faculty of Medial Sciences. I must say, It was a great experience. you never feel alone. Everybody is there for your help. I found the food served at the East Road campus the most hygienic food. They really work hard to make sure that you have healthiest meal. I also must appreciate library and IT service. Their responses were always quick and effective. I am proud of being an ARU student.

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    Great to see our British heritage beeing protected under strict application rule great work guy

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    Good facilities and nice campus close to town center

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    Good campus. Teaching was really excellent

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    My daughter went for an interview for the social work course. She was rejected along with all other applicants who were noticeably foreign, or foreign names (the ones that got accepted were all British) Appalling behaviour.

    One member of staff in particular, working within the SW department, was incredibly rude to her & offered no sympathy – lovely student ambassadors – but a shame about the staff conducting interviews.

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    I want to come here to study ! See you soon !!

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    Anglia Ruskin University is a public university in East Anglia, United Kingdom. It has 39,400 students world-wide and has campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough.

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    It’s not a campus university. I didn’t choose this uni at the end.

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    A fantastic place to study! A very nice campus with great amenities nearby.

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    Truly awful experience. changed uni after visiting twice because they repeatedly could not access my files and turned me away. I am now experiencing difficulties in getting the university to release me from their systems so I can reapply for student finance.

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    its a worst university no guidance from professors no proper response from the staff and worst infrastructure . i was there for one month and when i decided to change my university they started to asking me to pay the full academic fees and leave from the university .as i already paid half of the fee still they demand for full fees. when i refused and left university , they gave my details to some agency solicitors and they started to warning through mails and calls to clear the fees.
    worst and cheap university in the world.

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    Could Anyone can tell that what is teaching and placement conduction of Electronic Engineering i want study in ARU?? i am confused.. please if possible suggest me some good advice .. thank u

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    Currently a Law student at the university. Great lectures, serene environment, beautiful activities. In 2 words – Lively and Fun. Who doesn’t love lively and fun. ☺

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    A really bad teacher in that poor school , if any Chinese want to study this school ,don’t go ,not fit Chinese student . sb老师就是狗

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    Absolutely superb experience.. this is my second degree and compared to my previous university in the mid 90’s it’s not comparable’s honestly like comparing day and night! The support offered is better than most organised top Plc’s that I’ve worked for! They really do care about you and your degree equality.. The tutors are so nice and they’re proactive in their approach to your well-being and your degree equally and the support services available are superb as I’ve mentioned above! I’ve even had them visit me at home to save me travelling to Uni!

    The actual degree itself is top quality, up to date with the latest practices with superb technology to make it so easy to study in the way that suits and works for you.. they also have an App that ties it all together!

    I couldn’t feel more at home and their support continues post degree.. you’re actively encouraged to to participate in feedback, your current work experience and suggestions for practice improvements.. even paying your expenses if you want to present to the current group of students! You don’t have to present… you can send it in and if it’s considered relevant it may be used in the current teaching the undergraduate program!

    Anyways I’ve rambled on long enough now… lol! But please don’t hesitate to ask me if you want anything expanded or clarified in anyway!

    Ben – Third Year Mental Health Nursing Student….

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    Good University , some of the lecturers are really very nice.

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    i like it. i will go soon to this university.

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    So far excellent! The program I am undertaking is very vocationally focused.

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    Anglia Ruskin University is outstanding in my opinion. The teachers are brilliant and can’t do enough for you. The mix of British and International students is lovely, every one is accounted for. There is excellent help for international students but also if the English native speaking students need help, it is also available.
    Not all of us are from affluent backgrounds, which is also taken into account the financial advisers are great. Furthermore, excellent scholarships can be obtained even after starting, for the best workers.
    I am a mature law student and my experience has been invaluable. Despite being 40+ I have job offers and a great future ahead already.
    We don’t necessarily have to go out of our way to find work either, events are organised whereby Solicitors and Barristers come and talk to us and mingle with us afterwards. This is helpful as we gain contacts by networking with the relevant professionals.
    The Employability service will help all students gain employment or alternatively there is an amazing volunteering service, which will hook you up with lots of companies and charities.
    If you are worried about grades or prospect outcome of your degree, you just have to email for an appointment with your tutor or any relevant tutor or alternatively speak to the student advisers.
    The information desk or ‘i centre’ are very happy to help and the university staff will do anything they can to get whatever books or journals you require.
    The food is excellent in the restaurant and at a very good price and there is a ‘Costa’ upstairs, alternatively there is the street cafe or the Coslett cafe and when it’s too late there are plenty of vending machines.
    The cash point installed last year was a great bonus and now the university accepts tap cards and credit cards of all sorts.
    It really is a great opportunity for anyone. All you need to do is write, learn what you are given, follow the instructions and keep on top of your weekly tasks and assignments.
    If you have any problems in understanding or keeping up, just ask, it’ll be sorted.

    Studying in such a culturally diverse university is nothing short of an amazing opportunity. Next year I am going to stay with one student in eastern Errope for my hols and the year after in Bombay with a rich Indian friend. I have friends in Saudi, Asia and many parts of Africa. Not to forget London and the home counties too!

    I love it, and certainly will never have any regrets about joining ARU. It’s got the best Law Lecturers ever. My dissertation tutor is a double doctor, a fellow of Middle Temple and an accomplished writer. My dissertation is on international law, it’s oh so interesting and I can’t wait to get started.

    I would advise anyone to try it out, who ever complains are perhaps those who don’t bother to work, or have out of this world expectations.
    Good luck to all my mates.

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    I studied here for three years and it has ruined my life. It cost me £150K in the end (that would be in my pocket if I had stayed in the job I was in). All they care about is the tuition fees, you will soon discover that when they have your money.

    This university has 10,000 students most years and yet there is only 21 reviews…I’m not buying it!! On youtube you will discover that this university are removing comments. When I attended the university they would not let me talk to the third year students – I later discovered why! Looking back it was all just a ploy to get the tuition fees. Type ‘Fiona Pok youtube’ in the search bar.

    I cannot believe how naïve I was. This university don’t care about you or your future – they just want your money! All colleges care about now is the tuition fees! Be warned, if you don’t want to waste your time!! People will do anything to keep themselves in a job. Ask yourself why they will not tell you why courses and even A Levels have been axed. Politics was axed when I studied here. Don’t ever trust careers advisors, they will ruin your life!!!

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    Hardly clean area, accommodation not clean for freshers arriving, they staff and security don’t really care much about the students or visitors that are coming in for the students. Not very hygienic at all. Not such of a safe place in a poshish area. Disappointment

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    Terrible university, designed to do nothing than milk the money cows which are its students. Most complained about in the UK, and with good reason.

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    I am going into my 3rd year and the employment and support services have done nothing but mess me around. I reported bullying, they filled out a form and I never heard back from them. I told the employment service I wanted something other than life modelling, they send me even more life modelling. I tried to set up counselling appointments, they fill out three forms and take a month to get back to me.

    Don’t waste your time here, go somewhere else.

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    1st Class education an fantastic facilities, expecially Science, the arts and Business

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    I am an ARU student studying a BA Honours Degree in Drama. All lectures have been an amazing help so far.
    The University itself is very clean, a lovely place to attend! I would definitely recommend this university.

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    The teachers accept bribes (one psychology teacher is said to have accepted rings and hoodies which were ‘birthday presents’ and the students who gave them to him received a 1st for an essay which consisted of just the introduction – while the rest of the class struggled to get a pass mark!) Teachers except presents for help (history teachers expecting cakes and alcohol for help – on the plus side you get an extra couple of percent on you mark – guaranteed!). The teachers fail to respond to your questions before your DISSERTATION deadline – no big deal, it’s not like you dissertation can make or break your degree or anything….. It took them almost a year to confirm the deadline for our dissertation (I started in September and by June we STILL hadn’t been given a definite date!)
    If you’re really lucky the college will also fail to invite you to graduation – try explaining that one to you’re extended family/friends.

    I would suggest going to any other college or going straight into work. Just don’t go here. Please!

    Oh, and the people who have given it 5*s seem to work at ARU….. just saying…

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