The Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) began educating students in business concepts back in 1965, though its origins date back to 1918. That was when the still-developing concept of management training began within the Manchester Municipal College of Technology.

The old version of AMBS began to change in 1994, when the Manchester Federal School of Business and Management was created. A decade later, the school that had been the Manchester School of Management was part of a three-way merger that included the School of Accounting and Finance for the Victoria University of Manchester and the Institute of Innovation Research. The current name of the school was the result of a 2010 donation by Lord Alliance of Manchester.

The school’s brand having gone far beyond its Manchester roots. Over the past half-century, campuses have also been developed in key business areas around the world. That expansion is a key reason why the school’s student population has risen to approximately 6,500 individuals. Besides Manchester, schools are based in the following sections of the world: Sao Paolo, Brazil; Shanghai, China; Singapore; and Dubai.

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