The Akademie Würth Business School lives up to the idea of delivering the type of business education that helps formulate the overall structure that the executives of the future will need to advance both their own and their company’s fortunes. The school knows that speed is of the essence for many students, which helps explain why the time to finish earning an MBA lasts less than 14 months.

Despite such a compressed time schedule, no facet of business education is skimmed over when it comes to that MBA. Part of the instruction will take place through a partnership with the University of Louisville Business School in the United States. However, six different modules make up the German portion of the program.

Those modules include areas like Marketing and Distribution, Operations, Strategy and Innovation. In addition to those, two other segments include the development of international markets and financial modeling.

For the American portion, the vital roles of economics, accounting and finance are built into a component that also looks at the role of organizational leadership and behavior. In addition, decision-making, the creation and development process of new businesses and social media marketing are also studied.

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