For those seeking a good school in applied sciences education in Germany when it comes to mechanical and electrical engineering, the ACIAS Aachen Institute of Applied Sciences appears like a great choice.

The wide range of programs that cover an exhaustive number of business facets makes the school a renowned one. The engineering component includes civil aspects and aerospace industry, while selected segments like arts and design, medical technology and architecture make up part of the 10 different faculties offering instruction.

FH Aachen was founded in 1971 in the city of Duren and for more than four decades has been an educational asset within Germany. The 18-month program is focused on the dual concepts of entrepreneurship and management, with the school having established partnerships with over 170 schools around the world. That vast scope allows for a clearer understanding of how international business is conducted, with students able to gain knowledge that benefits them in the future.

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    Location of FH Aachen, among others, for the fields of architecture, civil engineers and facility management.

    Mensa food is not bad for a cafeteria. The coffee at the Cafetheke of the Studentenwerk is mercilessly overpriced.

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