The humble origins of Aberystwyth University (AU) in 1872 saw a collection of students and a trio of instructors working out of a Wales hotel that was a work in progress. Over a nearly 150-year span, the school has been able to survive and grow, with the Penglais campus becoming the central component for learning since the 1960’s.

That period was when the construction of a number of different buildings began, each focusing on a specific area of study. In the midst of this growth, AU created the Department of Economics in 1963, followed seven years later by the Department of Computer Science.

Art and Drama departments followed just a few years later and were joined by another sector devoted to the subjects of microbiology and botany. In 1998, the Aberystwyth Business School was created out of a merger of different business-oriented areas.

Continued growth in a variety of different subject areas expanded the scope of AU’s overall focus. That’s led to an annual student population that’s above 8,700 individuals, with the bulk of those students pursuing an undergraduate degree.

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    Lovely Campus with some nice food outlets too. Ta Med for decent lunches and dinners along with coffee and cakes. Arts Centre for all you entertainment needs and more coffee cake and food. Ta med Bach for coffee and cake and Brynamlwg for sit down meals.

    Love the wildflower verges and campus walks and of course the views out over Aberystwyth… If Carlsberg made University Campuses…..

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    I want to study Ph.D from Aberystwyth University .

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    berystwyth University – Penglais Campus

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    Oh Aber Aber Aber, what am I going to do with you? You start with a relatively nice town, then the wild explorers who ventured up a small hill found a university there. What a surprise, who knew? What a place, after a tiny hike up the smallest hill in the world (more on the scale of a speed hump if you ask me) you find yourself in Aberystwyth University. Everyone is nice and the accommodation is pretty above average. However gaming is locked until 6 o’clock in the evening which sucks because you have to wait to play club penguin *it will never die*. The meme wars are intense with everyone from ainsley harriott to chancellor palpatine making an appearance. I must also note that According to all known laws of aviation,there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway. An important message I think we can all learn from. Never give up on your dreams. Just do it. Our saviour will always be watching. RIP harambe. Should ign pay a visit they would rate the university a mere 9/10 too much action, not enough club penguin but ample numbers of blood tower defence. They would also make a comment on the hill and how it so small and not even an obstacle for dat boi on this unicycle. Wise words for our ign overlords.

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    Visited for a 2 days experience. We were wimpy and took a bus to the top. Props to the bus tho, it basically climbed mount Everest. Upon exiting the bus, attach oxygen masks for high altitude and enter the University. Providing you have not yet passed out you can enjoy all of what the university has to offer. IGN rates canteen food as 5/-3 however here’s a tip. Go to your room then phone up a pizza from the local takeaway. Unfortunately the delivery guy couldn’t do parkour and so I actually had to leave my room, so that’s 0.5/1000 on ign. Upon actually receiving the pizza however it was pretty good so you should attend Aber just for that reason.

    P.s: probably a gyarados in the sea.

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    Went here for food, was very good. Gave me two yorkshire puddings which I appreciated.

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    A very Great place to be..Great facilities and wonderful people. The environment supports academic growth so perfectly.

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    Beautiful campus, excellent facilities and some very good shops/cafe’s on site.

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    We love Aber
    it’s the best
    in the sea we have a dabber
    but it’s cold so we wear a vest

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    Dormitory poor sound insulation, poor teacher level, the individual teacher love make mischief in the exam. Poor weather, the wind is not the rain, cloudy day. Rarely see the sun. Some houses even twenty-four hours shock and roar.

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    The only other Alameda own taste of cafeteria food itguyo Likes

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    Welsh great university with great facilities.

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