EBS Student Benedikt Quarch named top graduate of the First State Law Examination 2016 | 7 EBS students listed among the 43 best law school graduates in Hessen

The Hessian Minister of Justice honoured the most successful candidates of the Law Examinations 2016 at the traditional best-of-the-year awards ceremony. The two top graduates of the First State Law Examination (with 15.6 and 13.46 points) are graduates of the EBS Law School – as are five others in the list of the top 43 honoured. They belong to the “pioneers” who started their studies at the newly founded law faculty in 2011. The EBS Universität is proud to announce these outstanding examination results – our sincere congratulations to the graduates.

15.6 points – this is a barely conceivable final grade for most law graduates. Only 0.13 percent of all graduates achieved the grade “very good” in the First State Law Examination in 2015. EBS student Benedikt Quarch (23) was the only student in Hessen to be awarded the grade “very good” for the year 2016: an impressive achievement. Another EBS student, Donatus Wang, achieved the grade “good”, with 13.46 points awarded second place in the list of top graduates 2016. A total of 923 candidates took the First State Law Examination in 2016, 43 of these were awarded the grade “very good” and “good” and these were honoured for their achievement by the Hessian Minister of Justice Eva Kühne-Hörmann graduates of the EBS Law School last week.

EBS President Professor Dr. Markus Ogorek was delighted: “We are very pleased for our graduates. Their outstanding achievement is the result of tireless discipline, healthy ambition and enormous perseverence. Every door is open to our examination candidates: whether as judge, public prosecutor, academic or international corporate lawyer – they will certainly be an enrichment in any legal field of activity.” According to Ogorek, the students benefited in particular from the close link to the Business School. Following their examination, it is possible for graduates of the Law School to participate in one of the business administration master programmes offered by the Business School.

During the examination period 2016, a total number of 46 EBS students took the First State Law Examination. They achieved a total honour rating (9 points and above) of over 45 percent. The average honour rating in the state of Hessen is about 14 percent for 2016.